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Section of the city of Manchester, UK

South Central Manchester is Lancashire's answer to South Central LA. But in a sort of crap, half-assed British way. Where Compton has Crips and Bloods, Rusholme has Bangladeshis and Pakistanis. Where Long Beach has Crenshaw Boulevard, South Central Manchester has The Curry Mile. And where South Central LA had the Raiders, Moss Side has Manchester City FC.

The one respect in which the two areas are exactly the same is the proliferation of wideboy wannabe gangstas cruising around in jacked-up cars (in Rusholme more likely a Vauxhall Corsa with a spoiler and wack-ass alloys) with the windows down, hollering at the honeys and bumping West Coast Gangsta Rap at high volume. The difference is that Compton is full of black guys with Uzis in the glovebox, while Rusholme is full of Asian Ali Gs with air pistols or Super Soakers.

However, living in South Central Manchester is a badge of respect. We keep it real up in this biznitch, y'all! Keep on reprazentin' fo' tha true Longsight playaz, G.

Or not.

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