On the continent of Antarctica, the South Pole denotes the southern point of the rotation of the Earth's axis.

Home of one of the best submilimeter telescopes.

Place where the Astronomy Community sends their disposable scientists.

The only comfortable way to reach the South Pole is by way of a C-130 military cargo plane.

A kind of Holy Grail for Edwardian explorers. It took numerous expedtions to finally reach it, the feat ultimately being accomplished by Roald Amundsen.

The South Pole is a small ice cream shop and snack bar located in Tipton, Indiana. It is locally owned and run, and surely is the bane of the Dairy Queen across town. It's a stone's throw from the park, a bridge's trip from the schools, and just down the block from the pool. They have quite a history in the community; anyone who lived around here 10 years ago will remember the old trailer it sat in, and the tiny stairs and window for children at the side.

There's no kiddie window anymore; there is a new, permanent building with an inside dining area, as well as a walk up window on the front and drive-thru around the back for those in a hurry. The inside has been given a traditional ice cream shop feel; there are booths along the sides, and tall tables with stools in the middle.

The fare is nothing complicated; there is hard ice cream in maybe a dozen flavors, soft ice cream, shakes, malts, slushies and sundaes; and there are hot dogs, hamburgers, fries, onion rings, nachos, cheese sticks, bread sticks, and all sorts of other such junk food. There is also an assortment of candy, candy bars, and gum.

It sounds pretty simple, but it really is a nice place to wind down and enjoy yourself. The food is good and the ice cream is great, and everything is reasonably priced. The restaurant is clean and well kept, well lit, and well staffed. I highly recommend it for lunch, a snack, or a dessert at night.

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