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Southwest High School is also a 9-12th grade high school in Green Bay, Wisconsin. It contains within it's aged walls approximately 2,100 students. It features a faculty of over 35 highly specialized educators.

Southwest wasn't always in it's current location. The original Southwest High School, is the current Vincent T. Lombardi middle school. In 1963, Southwest was relocated to it's current location, on Packerland Drive. The school's location and building size were changed due to increasing student enrollment, and the need for a higher technological aspect for students.

Southwest features the standard high school core subjects: Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Language Arts. It also features a wide array of elective courses, such as: Spanish, French, Latin, Japanese and German foreign languages, MS Frontpage, International Business, Advanced Placement classes for all core subjects, a highly acclaimed music department, and several 'life-prepping' classes. Classes for expecting mothers, budget classes, personal financial management, computer programming, technical arts, music, and art are all offered.

Since the school is indeed a public school, there is no cost to enroll, aside from the normal school fee of $34 per student.

The school is also very active around the nation. Notable examples of this are: National Honor Society, Academic Decathalon, the band/chrous trip that occurs every other year to a different destination each trip, the Future Business Leaders of America, DECA, teen court, mock U.N., and mock trial. The dance/pom squad, known as the Troyettes, routinely win National awards yearly, and are a group of Southwest female students.

The school's mascot is the ancient Greek 'Trojan'. With the girl's pom squard, as mentioned before, being known as the 'Troyettes'.

The school's racial makeup is composed of a white majority, with asian and african american, along with Hmongs comprising the minorities of the school.

Southwest is also noted for its outstanding sport programs: tennis, all aspects of track and field, volleyball, and both men's and women's golf. Although a football, baseball, basketball, and soccer teams exist, they have yet to make an impact in the state tournaments.

Southwest is generally regarded as the superior high school out of the four in the Green Bay Area Public School District (The others being, East, West, and Preble).

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