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Soy makes you strong!: a comic book style story of good and evil.

The origins of Tainted Tofu Burger Man...


Soy Man

I placed the soy tofu cube in my mouth.  Immediately my skin began to bristle.  Heavy strength filled my limbs.

In fear of these new sensations, I looked at the package.  I thought I had bought normal soy.  But I had not.  I had purchased radioactive soy.

The energy of the radioactive soy filled my limbs with strength.

I was soy man.  I reached my destiny.

Filled with strength and power.  I went off to fight evil.  


Burger Man

Meanwhile downtown...

I placed the burger in my mouth.  Evil filled my body.  I looked at my reciept.  I thought I had ordered a cheeseburger.  But instead, I had ordered a radioactive cheeseburger.

I was burger man.  I had reached my destiny.


The fight

Soy man and Burger Man duked it out, hands and fists flying.  Soy man shoots soy out of his fingertips.  Burger man shoots cheese and meat patties out of his stomach.  They wrestle for the sake of good and evil.


The thrilling conclusion...

They fought and fought, bone agianst sinew.  Their bodies were breaking down.  Tofu man was beginning to mutate completely into a living tofu.  Burger man was mutating into a living burger.  As their bodies fought together, they began to meld into one.  Suddenly, quiet.  A giant mass of burger and tofu congeal together into human form.  This human form stands up, two beings into one, a horrific mutation.



The human form screamed.  A combination of good and evil, of vegetarian ideals and carnivore instincts, one man, whose mission is to take over the entire world.

Tomorrow... I will write the story of Tainted Tofu Burger Man #1.

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