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Space Bug

A nearly-educational and fun children's game

Warning!:If you are passioniate about animal rights go here or here right away!

The rules are simple:

  1. Attach a small container (children's aspirin bottles work fine) to the front end of an arrow. (Duct tape works well)
  2. Place a bug or other tiny animal of your choice in the container. (Butterflies are not recommended, unless you use a very large bottle))
  3. Shoot the arrow straight up, endangering yourself and others
  4. Go pull the arrow out of the ground, where it has sunk to the nearly incredible depth of 'way the fuck down there.'
  5. Wash the dirt off the container, if it stayed on the arrow, and examine the contents, otherwise, dig it out of the ground first.
  6. Record the results on a very scientific-looking pad of paper.
  7. Repeat, with a different type of bug, from step #2

Note: a hose or other cleaning tools are suggested for more than one round of this game, unless you are working on a goo-collection.

Known results:

  • Ants and roly-polys survive, but roly-polys only can only survive one trip
  • Every other kind of bug my cousin Chris and I tried turned into a gross-colored goo, usually greenish or yellowish, up near the cap of the bottle, where it was alarmingly easy to get on your fingers by accident
  • Smooshed caterpillars are very hard to clean out of children's aspririn bottles
  • Though it is tempting to include big, ugly, hairy spiders in this game, especially if you are trying to impress Amy Dipsinski, who hates spiders, they will try to bite you, and are also hard to clean out of the bottle

"Space Bug" is also commonly known as "Space Ant," since ants are the only bug that survive multiple trips, so you don't have to clean the bottle every time.

This verbose craziness brought to you at the hands of the Freelance Nodeshell Rescue Team

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