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Space-Dye Vest first appeared as the last song of Dream Theater's album Awake. The song also appears as the second song on the Lie single.

In my opinion, it's a perfect ballad - one of the best progressive rock has provided thus far. I for one easily relate to the lyrics, written by the then-keyboardist of the band, Kevin Moore. After recently breaking up with his girlfriend, he was flicking through a magazine when he found an ad for a "Space-Dye Vest". This vest, fashioned on a model, interested him greatly. He realized that he loved this model, but also realized how silly this was, as she was just some random person wearing some odd contraption within the pages of a magazine. He figured, all-so-deeply, that he was throwing his love at everything, ever since not being able to direct his love at his girlfriend.

Between verses, Moore inserted samples from the film "A Room With a View", the Canadian series "The Fifth Estate", "Late Night With Conan O'Brien", and a commentary about the O.J. Simpson freeway chase.

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