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Flash fiction is a challenging form of writing, generally around the 100 to 500 word mark. If it is very short, about the 200 word point, it can be called postcard fiction but I was presented with much more of a challenge. More like spark fiction, a tad shorter than flash and 'half a post card' sounded just plain weird. I was asked to submit some stories for an Art Project. The catch? The stories could not be any longer than 53 words! 53 stories, 53 words long. Neat huh? Below are the four stories I submitted. Please enjoy and if it inspires you node some of your own.


Silence enveloped the room like a shroud.
Faces twisted with anger.
“Her honour must be defended.”
The white glove beacon-like upon the ground.


The morn was cold and clear.
The choice made — deadly pistols.
Hearts slowed and fingers tightened. Blood blossomed on a snow white shirt.
A woman screamed, “No!”

Writer’s Block

A blank paper sits in front of me, its white starkness a constant torment. The newly sharpened pencil, torture incarnate. My muse watches with feline detachment, her emerald eyes unblinking. Disgusted with my lack of activity she abandons me for a sunlit window ledge leaving me with writer’s block as my only companion.


A handsome stranger! Green eyes that sparkle with mirth and a deep rich, ready laugh. A cleft chin plus two dimples when he smiles, which is often. The temptation is too much, I must kiss those sensuous lips and run my fingers through those curls. All expectations are exceeded. Future is looking great.


Arching backs, legs pushing hard, arms fully extended. Muscles bunching and straining beneath glistening skin. Wooden fixtures groan as a woman’s voice screams out. Poetry in motion as bodies move in perfect time. The final push to the end comes with heaving gasps. Arms raised as the boat races across the finish line.

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