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Spear Of Longinus


If you disagree with the band's beliefs, don't take it out on me. I'm not a member of the band and I don't know them personally, so I refuse to be made to answer for their statements. If you see something you think is wrong or contradictory, the URL for their site is listed...take it up with them.


Australian thrash/black metal band that formed in 1995 and has been the epicenter of quite a bit of controversy ever since. While not particularly beloved for their "unacceptable" political beliefs, it would still not be correct to simply label them a "white power" or "skinhead" band. Through interviews and various other statements emenating from the band, it is clear that their politics extend far beyond simple debate over policy-making. No two members of the three-piece band completely agree with each other on many issues, but a general National Socialist worldview is clear from their lyrics, album art, and thematic issues discussed on their website (viewable at http://spearoflonginus.ark11.net/). But even that is misleading; Spear Of Longinus's ideology is less accessible than its music, but still just as fascinating. In an incredibly general sense, the band's major ideological points are:

1. Rejection of the Middle Eastern judeo-christian mindset that is alien to the peoples of Europe;

2. Revival of Indo-European traditions and philosophies (amongst Indo-Europeans) that existed before the rise and spread of Christianity;

3. The separation of and a lack of antagonism between the various races of man.

Even all of this is oversimplification; the individual members of the band all profess various extremely esoteric variations on the basic themes mentioned above. The members don't even agree on the name of the band; a former member claims it relates to the literal spear that is said to have pierced Christ's side while he was on the cross, but Camazotz (the band's vocalist) then goes on to say that that's just a smokescreen for ideas relating to (among other things) Odin's "spear of magik," "virile sexual power," ancient Roman justice, various Hindu philosophies, a pan-European pre-Christian symbol of strength, and the liberation of the human soul from the bounds of morality. It only gets more difficult to process and comrepehend from there, so I won't even try.


Nazi Occult Metal 1995, Self-Released

  1. Rite Of Ragnarok
  2. The Ibis Of My Lost Soul (From Whence I Came)
  3. Riders Of A Cold and Violent Wind
  4. Jarl's Quest Eternal
  5. Nazi Occult Metal

Domni Satnasi 1997, Burznazg Productions

  1. Masts Of Macha (Queen of War)
  2. The Nomad Heretik
  3. I Am War
  4. What is it, Aton? My side itches!!!
  5. Devils Poison
  6. Blood Soil
  7. Tribal Warsz

Nada Brahma 1999, Burznazg Productions

  1. I.A.O.
  2. Antero Vipunen (In Gods Trance Hour)
  3. Nutron Hammer
  4. Bloodlines
  5. Cosmic Devastator (Watching The Watcher)
  6. Zeal For The Law For The War For The Day Of Vengeance
  7. Interplanetary Warfare And The Attack Of The Culture Heroes

The Yoga Of National Socialism 2002, Vinland Winds Records

  1. N.W.O.
  2. Nebularsia
  3. Volcanic Winter
  4. The Sine of Satan is 56
  5. Shiva Dancing
  6. The Piano Concerto #5
  7. Baggy Black (Not So Blue)
  8. Stuka Song
  9. Rommel
  10. Interlude

Additionally, the band rereleased "Nazi Occult Metal" and "Nada Brahma" as one album on Death To Mankind Records in 2002. In 2003, "Domni Satnasi" was also rereleased, this time on Vinland Winds Records.


  • http://spearoflonginus.ark11.net
  • http://metal-archives.com/band.php?id=1086

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