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A recently (August 2001) introduced variation on Kellogg's Special K cereal, Special K Red Berries has the same wheat and rice based flakes as Special K, plus dehydrated strawberries. It's really very tasty. Unlike a lot of dried fruit and other dehydrated marvels in breakfast cereals these days, the strawberries miraculously taste like actual strawberries, rather than cardboard mockups of same.

In light of this fact, it is puzzling to consider why they named it "Red Berries" rather than strawberry special K or something. The name seems to imply that the red bits are actually irradiated plastic pseudo-protein rather than the dehydrated strawberries which the ingredients list cheerfully denotes.

Oh well. As I say, very tasty, and, as the packaging screams to the consumer, high in iron and folic acid.

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