Speculative evolution is a form of scientific fiction in which an author speculates about the possible evolution of creatures and sometimes humanity. Speculative evolution has a large spectrum of potential scenarios, from the future of humanity amongst the stars or a planet in which evolved canaries fill every evolutionary niche. Some of the most well known works of Speculative evolution are all tomorrows and man after man.

serina- a project in which canaries and some small fish are placed on a terraformed moon where they evolve further.

voyage to Darwin IV- a fictional planet, discovered by humanity to be home to life.

the future is wild- a discontinued television series, using CGI to generate interesting and scientifically plausible animals.

This however is not the limit of Speculative evolution, though I can’t display the entire genre it can be as simple as imagining animals, plants and more.

Speculative evolution projects range from coming up with what a baboon will be in the future, to imagining how humanities evolution will divulge within a galactic empire.

These works can be books like most of the ones I have listed so far, but also projects by people that they post on YouTube. Some examples of these are the works of:

cree8ball- an ongoing project based off of all tomorrows in which humanity spreads throughout the galaxy, and many years later those of humanity who didn’t spread, are forced to abandon Earth and meet the colonists descendants.

Dapper Dinosaur- a project set on a fictional planet, this project was split into phases where several simple starting creatures evolve overtime into many plants and animals, this project has its own world anvil page: Dapper dinosaur

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