I know that for a lot of people, Top Ramen is a staple food product. Hopefully this recipe will ease your monotonous diet.

There are all sorts of brands and variants of Top Ramen, and the kind for which I have a recipe is Maruchan's Instant Lunch. It comes in a tapered cylindrical package, about five inches tall, freeze dried. Chicken flavor.

After preparing and heating like you normally would, add the following, and stir:
To let it cool faster, I usually like to throw in 2 or 3 ice cubes and push them to the bottom or middle of the soup. I eat it the noodles with a fork, and drink the broth after the noodles are gone. Enjoy :)

* Note: this also works for a variety of other canned soups. For those, I also like to throw in some shredded jalapeño pepper jack cheese before microwaving, so it melts.

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