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Private Transmission:
To: Commodore C. Daugherty,
From: Captain S. Harnesy,
UNSS Yuri Gagarin


There is not enough fuel left but to attempt an oceanic landing in the Pacific -- (a long technical story which I have not time to explain, except the ion collector was clogged by a pass through an unforeseen comet's tail).

If this transmission goes through tell Raicon to not give up mining on Eos and beyond. The patrons that bankrolled this expedition have deep pockets; and lots of volunteers coming from those that would rather die the quick death from a sudden lack of oxygen; as opposed to the slow death most are suffering just breathing the air mixed with poly-carbonates; and only Heaven behind me knows what else spewing out of Asia.

After seeing nothing but black and pin pricks of light, and the grey green mush that the robo-servos have been gleaning, that big beautiful blue marble looks inviting, though I know it's just an illusion. Most of us turned a blind eye, and then nobody could stop the megalomaniacs and their lust for production; but thinking of going back to the old days was fantasy. That reminds me: maybe I'll shine up the goat with you for old times sake, if this maneuver works (notice crossed fingers).

Signing out,


End Transmission

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