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A handle of a spoon that has been bent into the shape of a ring.

The origin of the spoon ring came in the 60's when America was very un-pc and women were looked at as the weaker sex. Back then, companies marketed everything to little girls and the selling point was marriage or preparing for marriage.

Every ad in Seventeen magazine had to do with getting a boyfriend or planning for marriage. They even had silver ads, that's right, real "you have to polish it" silver, in a teen magazine. Stores also marketed to teenage girls and displayed these ads and girls could go to the local, wherever the hell they used to go to buy silver, and a girl could pick out her future pattern for when she gets married.

The way she would remember this pattern, is the store would take the handle of a spoon and make it into a ring for her. She now had a daily reminder of the beautiful pattern she would have to polish day after day.

So what was once a cool fashion statement not so long ago, was a horribly sexist symbol, meaning every girl wanted to get married and own silver, 40 years ago.

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