An odd cartoon from the early 80's which barely anyone remembers any more.

From what I remember, Sport Billy and his sidekicks Lilli and Willy (a dog), went around trying to promote fair play in sports. This usually involved stopping the evil green Queen Vandar and her gnome-like henchman from cheating in some sporting event. As you can imagine, it dodn't really have a long run, as there are only so many sports that he could cover and keep people interested.
In between this there was a whole bunch of interplanetary shit going on. Sport Billy flew around in a space ship that was a gigantic alarm clock, I have no idea why, he could have been travelling through time, but my memory's not that good. He also seemed to report to some weird Mt. Olympus type place with a Zeus like figure called Sporticus.

His crowning glory was becoming the official FIFA mascot for the 1982 World Cup. I think I have a Sport Billy duvet lying around somewhere....

Sport Billy had a bag in which he carried miniature pieces of sport equipment. He would pull out, say, a matchbox sized sports car, and by some deep magic it would inflate to normal size and help him on his way.

The clock was definitely a time machine/spaceship hybrid, that much I can remember. Billy came from the planet Olympus to teach Earth people how to play fair in sports (1). He also battled Queen Vandar and her henchmen who wanted to destroy sport (2).


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