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Spruce beer. It is like root beer, only entirely different, except through its virtue of being a carbonated beverage.

Imagine if you will, a bottle of Mountain Dew. Turn down the RADIOACTIVE GREEN color knob by about thirty percent. Remove all citrus flavor. If in the United States of America, remove all caffeine.

Now, scrape the fragrant resin off a couple of dozen pine trees. Extract from said resin whatever it is that makes it smell like "pine tree". Mix this selfsame extract into the carefully prepared ex-Mountain Dew.

You now possess spruce beer.

Like poutine, government-sanctioned crypto-anti-semitism, and danse contact, spruce beer is a peculiarly Quebecois phenomena. And like two of the aforementioned three, you start out horrified, yet some strange allure keeps pulling you back...

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