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Transformers: Robots in Disguise Episode Guide

Episode 4: Spychangers to the Rescue
Original U.S. air date: September 13, 2001
Written by: Richard Epcar

The Predacons organize to steal a new plutonium energy generator, but the Autobots get there first and stop them. Realizing that the Predacons will try again, Optimus Prime sends the X-Brawn, Prowl, and Side Burn to guard the generator as it's transported by truck the next day. However, the Predacons manipulate the traffic signals to cause a traffic jam and succeed in stealing the generator from out of the truck.

Since the Autobots on site are unable to get free without hurting the human drivers, Optimus orders T-AI to send out the Spychangers. Hot Shot, R.E.V., Crosswise, W.A.R.S., Ironhide and Mirage are a team of six Autobot cars with camoflauge/stealth capabilities and the ability to drive on any surface at any angle. Easily maneuvering through traffic by driving under the freeway, they catch up to the Predacons and force them off the road to a nearby beach. There, the Spychangers and other Autobots confront the Predacons, and Sky-Byte decides to blast the generator and let it destroy the Autobots rather than give it up. However, the Spychangers use their camoflauge abilities to disguise the generator as a large rock and a rock as the generator. The Predacons take the disguised rock back to Megatron, who discovers only after it arrives that they have been tricked.

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The Spychanger toys are tiny Autobot cars, sold in two-packs, and each one the size of a Matchbox or Hot Wheels car. Without much to recommend them besides their low price, the show producers added their other special abilities and a unique level of teamwork to make them more valuable. A good idea, actually, and one which reinforces the idea of the Autobots organizing into special teams for increased mobility and effectiveness.

However, the team was still barely used, mainly because the larger cars X-Brawn, Prowl and Side Burn were the "stars" of the show. The later episodes "Mirage's Betrayal" and "Volcano" would be the only others to really spotlight the team.

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