Squee is both a person and the name of the comic by Jhonen Vasquez. Squee is the cute lil' kid who unfortunately lives next door to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Johnny takes great delight in making Squee nervous. Jhonen, who has said that his characters are like parts of himself, evidently empathized with Squee, and gave him his own comic. See also I feel Sick or Happy Noodle Boy.

A squee is also a small, rodent-like mammal native to the fictional world of Edanna (seen in Myst III: Exile). In the squee's natural habitat, a massive, cavernous tree populated with dozens of unique plants and animals, certain flora respond to the animal's unique vocal calls, inflating with water to allow it to obtain nutrients. Several specimens of the creature, essentially a mouse or small squirrel with a large tail, breathing sacs on either side of its neck, and an elongated head with a shape not dissimiliar to that of a Parasaurolophus, were supposedly transported by Saavedro to J'nanin, where a new, miniature habitat was formed there at the floor of a canyon.

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