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Stakka is a dj and music producer, who specializes in drum and bass music.

He started making music in 1988. Around 1992 he started working on music together with some friends, Rob Lennon and K-Tee, on an Amiga computer. Some years later, Stakka and K-Tee had their first professional release, ''Ruffneck Ragga'', in 1994.

Around 1996 Stakka met Skynet, and helped him in his studio between sessions with K-Tee. By 1997, they had made Underfire Recordings and Audio Blueprint, two labels as an outlet for their work, with K-Tee, Skinny, and DJ Friction joining them later.

From 1997 to 2002, Stakka and Skynet worked together and ran the labels, releasing 41 Extended Plays and 3 Albums, ''Voyager'', ''Blazin'', and ''Clockwork''. In 2001 they moved to Seattle, in the United States. A year later, the two friends separated as they decided to part ways. Skynet returned to Brighton, in the United Kingdom, while Stakka went to New York.

Stakka created Cargo Industries in 2003, with his friends K-Tee, Friction, and Skinny. The four are working together under the collective name ''The Militia''.

He also worked with DJ DB under the collective name Ror-Shak.

Examples of music

*Pathogen with Skynet

*Synthesys with K-Tee

*Hit & Run with Gridlok

External links

*Cargo Industries

*Stakka at Discogs


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