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Meticulously, Louisa spreads out pullovers in neat even rows upon her comforter. Scoop necked, v-necked, lacy sleeves, one by one she plucks them our of her bureau pushing aside the ones that simply will NOT do at all. These ones she chooses all have one thing in common- purple, varying shades of purple. Purple floral, purple paisley, purple charlie brown type, purple plaid, purple puppy dogs. Every shirt that she owns with even a speck of purple on it, she takes out and adds to the patchwork on her bed. She is engrossed in her mission, and I get to watch.

I see her deep purple capri leggings with the cosmic starburst and planets draped on the floor. Her two shades lighter "cow milking" peasant three tiered skirt with the white eyelet ruffles is precisely matched up waistband to waistband over the top of it. Louisa is chewing her lower lip as she frowns in concentration. One by one each garment is placed on the floor above the "ensemble". She steps back, tips her head to one side then the other contemplating the possibility before moving the notquiteright back to her quilt.

I can already guess the phone calls sure to come again from Blair's mother. "Jane. What were you thinking allowing Louisa to go to school like that? Do you realize the battles I have with Blair now every morning? It used to be so easy, laying out her clothes for the day. Now she will have none of it, I tell you! I am so sick of hearing..."but Louisa's mom lets her do it...""

I smile behind the phone secretly delighted at the stir Louisa causes. I do not tell her this. I will thank the PTO moms for their concern and their sage advice. I will assure them that I will talk to Louisa about her fashion sense - again. Then I will hang up the phone, grinning ear to ear.

Louisa's eyes light up as she reaches for the purple floral striped number. "YES!" she claps as she jumps up bouncing in a twirl.

"Mommy come look!"

I pull myself away from the door jam and curl myself beside her on the floor, cross legged. She jumps into my lap, her outfit waving in hand.

"See, THIS planet", she points at the knee "is the same color as THIS flower" finger firmly pressed into the middle tier of the skirt," which is the same shape as THIS flower" she excitedly picks up the shirt pointing to one of the shapes within the stripes. "THEY MATCH! Do you see?"

She is so proud of herself. I am so amazed at her attention to the minute. She notices the little things. This routine the same as every day since she was a stubborn two year old asserting her individuality. As if I would quash that.

"I see darlin, I see" Her eyes smile in symphony.

"Can you paint these flowers on my nails too?" she pleads.

"Of course I can" I wink, squeezing her in a quick hug. I can't wait to see Blair's Mom's face tomorrow when I drop Louisa off at Kindergarten.

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