I felt a small path of warmth start to spread along my arm. It lulled me away from a drifty pleasant sleep and I opened my eyes slow like testing brightness and not wanting too much at once. Enough to see a little sliver of pillow and arm with slice of sun traced on it emerging from under some blanket. Further past was a pointy shoulder and some back. The little things in view swam around between each other for a while before it was time to sort out the pieces of last night. Slowly it came together and for a while it was nice to feel small parts sun and keep a slender view of the world that extended no further than the edge of the bed.

I reached out with my hand, moving the sun along it while tracing bump bump bump my finger down his spine. I scratched lightly and soft movements said he had been sort of awake lying quiet for a while too. I scratched harder in long sweeps from top to bottom with little pink tracks left all the way lasting. Happy barely audible cooing sounds. I smoothed over everything flat palm and finger slow circles. It is important to know what good things to do, and the order they go in. Tracing a particular shape now forefinger on smooth skin.


gentle nod of shaggy black shiney specks of sun hair


more just barely nod


moves yes


quiet long i am not sure thinking pause

Then he rolls over springs quickly and is looking down with shaggy hair crown, smiles, and two shoulders. you arent a wombat silly. But I am no answers and only shakes of a head yes. Incredulous just dare me to make us laugh until it hurts (and we stop to find ourselves in funny spin around positions afterwards) eyes. He leans down to whisper something in my ear, I am too busy burying my head in soft nook of shoulder neck and coarse strands.

It will be morning splendid, forever.

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