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Star Quest in the 27th Century is an MSDOS based pc game. This game was released by Virtual Adventures Inc, (of Canada), in 1995.

In this game you pilot a spaceship, (although in some levels you just man a turret). This is a sprite based pseudo 3D game, (similar to the early Wing Commander titles). The turret levels are quite fun, (like a 3D version of Asteroids), but the other levels try too hard in the graphics department, and end up looking very blocky and cluttered.

The game is mouse based, but is quite annoying in the fact that you have to keep moving your mouse up to keep your ship moving forward. The midi soundtracks to the game are quite good though, (probably the best part of the game).

The company that produced this game seems to have gone out of business. Because the website listed on the CD-Rom is now an internet advertising site.

Minimum System Requirements
An IBM 386 or 100% compatible computer
A VGA or 100% compatible card
1.44 MB 3.5" disk drive (or CD-ROM drive for CD-ROM version)
Hard disk drive

Recommended System Configuration
486 DX33 or better
A Sound blaster tm card or 100% compatible

From the instruction manual, (spelling errors copied from manual also).

"Tomorrow", you whisper to yourself, still wondering whether or not you are dreaming. You let yourself slide from atop the container as a smooth hum slowly intensifies in the sky. A deep red, spherical ship suddenly appears between the two suns of Arkalia. Squinting through the everlasting daylight, you gaze at the machine as it slows down, spirals and neatly inserts itself between two rather odd-looking ships. A perfect landing manoeuvre. "Too perfect," you think, shrugging at the couple climbing out of the ship. "Why do they always use these automated sequences?" You tighten your Velcro shoes and start walking towards the lodging area of the colony, passing a row of green public teleportation booths with big yellow signs on their sides reminding you that "Shoelaces Kill." Mechanically, you stray from your path and manage to take one last look at your new prized possession. Behold the Stochastic.

Tomorrow, strapped into the Stochastic, you will be tearing through the stars at speeds you can actually feel. You'll soar through nebulae, engage in hairpin manoeuvres, and grip your controls as the G's will threaten to crush you in your seat. You tremble in anticipation. Tomorrow, you'll leave this Godforsaken colony and its aseptic way of life for something so foreign to your times but undoubtedly glorious. What made you give it all up for a spaceship? You can't really put your finger on it but it must have something to do with the all too cozy way of life offered by the 27th century.

One last note: this game uses .aim as its file type. So does Aol Instant Messenger. Clicking on one of these if you have AIM installed will sometimes crash the computer as AIM tries to use the file.

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