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First aired in 1995.
  • The Caretaker

    The USS Starship Voyager, captained by renowned Starfleet commander Kathryn Janeway (Kate Mulgrew), is sent on a mission to rescue a renegade Maquis ship from The Badlands, a dangerous region of space. An inexplicable force, called The Caretaker, transports both ships to a distant, uncharted region of space, the Delta Quadrant. After the Maquis ship is destroyed, the two different crews must learn to work together in order to find their way home.

  • Parallax

    Voyager encounters a quantum singularity and what appears to be another ship in jeopardy. In their attempts to rescue the vessel, the crew comes to realize that it is they who are trapped, and the race begins to free themselves before the ship is destroyed.

  • Time and Again

    The Starship Voyager experiences a shock wave in space, a wave set off by a huge explosion on a nearby planet. When they beam down to investigate, they discover all life has been eradicated. In addition, they discover subspace fractures which ultimately transport Captain Kathryn Janeway and Luitenant Tom Paris back in time to right before the explosion. They must discover a way to avert the catastrophe to save their lives.

  • Phage

    In their continuing search for a source of dilithium crystals that could be used to supplement the Voyager's power core, the crew of the Starship come upon a planet that seems replete with the substance. Upon closer examination, they find that the place is really a base for a strange alien culture that must steal bodily organs to fight the phage, a disease that eats away at their bodies and destroys their organs. Neelix falls prey to them, and the race is on to save his life.

  • The Cloud

    While investigating what they believe to be a nebula in search of fuel, the crew of Voyager discovers that they have in fact entered and injured a new life-form, which they must help heal as they try to escape.

  • The Eye of the Needle

    The Voyager crew becomes hopeful when they encounter a small wormhole through which they communicate with a cargo vessel on the other side... in the Alpha Quadrant.

  • Ex Post Facto

    Upon visiting a world in the midst of a war with a neighboring planet, Luitenant Tom Paris finds himself accused of a murder he didn't commit . . . his sentence - to relive the crime from the victim's point-of-view every 14 hours for the rest of his life. It is up to Tuvok to prove his innocence by using the Vulcan Mind-Meld before this sentence destroys his sanity.

  • Emanations

    While exploring an alien race's burial ground, Harry Kim is transported to the culture's homeworld and his only way back... is dead.

  • Prime Factors

    The crew of Voyager encounters an alien race that may hold the key to their return home.

  • State of Flux

    The Voyager crew discovers that a traitor is on board.

  • Heroes and Demons

    Holographic doctor faces death to save the crew of Voyager.

  • Cathexis

    Tuvok is attacked by aliens who take over the mind and Chakotay must fight to save his life and the life of the crew.

  • Faces

    Luitenant Torres is captured by the Phage aliens and split into two separate beings -- one Klingon, the other human -- and only one will survive.

  • Jetrel

    Neelix is confronted by the man responsible for the annihilation of much of the Talaxian race, including his family.

  • Learning Curve

    Tuvok's attempt to train Maquis crew members in Starfleet protocol turns threm mutinous while B'Elanna Torres and The Doctor try to discover why the ship is mysteriously losing power.

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