For anyone who cares, here is the plot (there may be errors here as I haven't had the courage to watch this in quite some time).

The movie begins with the crew enjoying shore leave in Yosemite National Park. Kirk falls off a mountain, and Spock ponders the meaning of "Row, Row, Row Your Boat." Pretty lame. At the same time a mysterious figure named Sybok leads an uprising on Nimbus III, planet of intergalactic peace. He takes the only settlement and captures the Federation, Klingon, and Romulan representatives. Kirk is called in to save the day, but unfortunately the Enterprise is in.... disrepair. While this is all going on, a stupid Klingon captain on a power trip decides he wants to fight... somebody. He decides to go after the enterprise. Well, Kirk gets to Nimbus III, Uhura dances naked, and they assault the settlement. They are captured by the ambassadors, whom Sybok has brainwashed. It is learned that Sybok is Spock's half-brother who was banished from Vulcan for his desire to seek Sha ka ree (or something like that). He takes the Enterprise and sends it towards the Great Barrier, an energy field that no one has ever crossed. The Klingons give chase, but the Enterprise makes it to and through the barrier. The party lands on the planet beyond the barrier, and quickly finds out they are not alone. A powerful being that they assume is God appears before them and asks for the Enterprise. Kirk, because he's stupid, asks, "What does God need with a starship?" to which God responds with lightning bolts through his chest. The rest of the party gets off the planet except Kirk and Sybok (who killed himself attacking God). God chases Kirk, but is stopped by Spock piloting a Bird-of-Prey (don't ask). Everybody is happy in the end, and Sulu and Chekov try to get some Klingon booty.

Now, was that so bad? Of course it was. It was stupid. It was the worst Trek movie ever, and I hope now it is obvious why.

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