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Second song in Shpongle's latest album: "Tales Of The Inexpressible".

There's a sample used in this song, that was taken from a brazilian cheese-pop band (for lack of better term) called "Asa de Águia" (translation: Eagle's Wing). Although I could not dig up the actual name of the song, it has a 'popular name' also (go figure), which is "Dança do Vampiro" (or, Dance of the Vampire).

This sample fades in at 7:25 into the song, and out at 8:10.
It chants in portuguese: "O o o ooo - que terror!", and repeats itself. Translates into "Oh oh oh oooh, how terrifying!".

Simon Posford continues to surprise us with absolutely weird, beautiful and intrincated tri-dimensional sounds, and obscure sample references, such as this crappypop brazilian band. The results as always are magnific.

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