The leader of the Decepticons. Or so he wishes. Starscream is the number one reason the classic Transformers episodes are so fun. His constant attempts to usurp Megatron as leader are hilarious! He transforms into an F-15 Fighter Jet and is really second in command.

Transforms from plane to robot and back!


"Conquest is made of the ashes of one's enemies."

Seeks to replace Megatron as Leader. Ruthless, cold-blooded, cruel...considers himself the most sophisticated and handsome of Decepticons. Believes Decepticons should rely more on guile and speed rather than brute force to defeat Autobots. Fastest flyer of group, can reach Mach 2.8 and an altitude of 52 miles. Shoots cluster bombs and null-rays which disrupts flow of electricity. Very good at what he does, but sometimes overrates himself.

  • Strength: 7
  • Intelligence: 7
  • Speed: 9
  • Endurance: 7
  • Rank: 5
  • Courage: 8
  • Firepower: 7
  • Skill: 7
Transformers Tech Specs

The Decepticon F-15 whom everyone loved to hate, because he was always stabbing Megatron in the back, sometimes literally, and taking over leadership every time Megatron got so much as a knock to the head. ("Our leader has gotten a splinter in his foot! Decepticons, follow me!") Every little injury Starscream suffered in battle was treasured in the hearts of fans; his disintegration by Galvatron in the movie was silently applauded.

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