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State Of The World Address is the third album by Brooklyn hardcore band Biohazard, and it was released in 1994. Lyrically, it is in the same lines as its predecessor, Urban Discipline, but it's evident that the bandmembers are more skilled then before. Also, the production of the album is much better than on the previous albums. The album consists of fourteen songs, each dealing with what it's like to live in Brooklyn, or the state of the world.

The vocal parts are equally shared between Evan Seinfeld and Billy Graziadei, whereas on the previous albums, Evan did most of the singing. Sen Dog from Cypress Hill guest stars on How It Is.
This was Biohazard's first album on a major record label, Warner Brothers. They were accused of selling out, since they had a song on Urban Discipline about making music for the love of music, not for the love of money, and now they switched to a large company, from which they probably got more money then from their previous record company, Roadrunner Records.
The first version of the cd came in an orange jewelcase, with the Biohazard logo printed on the front of the case. Later versions would not have the logo printed on it, or would come in a normal colored jewelcase. Tales From The Hard Side and How It Is were released as singles.

According to the booklet, "Biohazard is and will always be:"
Bobby Hambel: Lead guitars and acoustic guitars.
Billy Graziadei: Vocals, guitars and piano.
Danny Schuler: Drums and percussion.
Evan Seinfeld: Vocals and bass.
Ironically, this was Biohazard's last album with Bobby Hambel.

1. State Of The World Address
2. Down For Life
3. What Makes Us Tick
4. Tales From The Hard Side
5. How It Is
6. Remember
7. Five Blocks To The Subway
8. Each Day
9. Failed Territory
10. Lack There Of
11. Pride
12. Human Animal
13. Cornered
14. Love Denied

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