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Another shrimp dumpling, dim sum style. The amount of dim sum dishes that use seafood is truly amazing. Again, seafood goes very well with Chinese tea, so drink up.


  1. Mix the shelled shrimps with a dash of wet potato starch; chop carp fillet finely with the knife and add a dash each of salt and water to mix well; chop sandwich pork finely; cut roast lean pork, black mushrooms and spring onions seperately into small pellets. Steam scallops until cooked and tear them into pieces; put all the above ingredients together and add seasonings to mix them into the stuffing.
  2. Wash the river prawns clean, removing the shells and retaining the tails, coat them with potato starch, press them flat gently to make the wrappers of the steamed balls, them wrap 1 teaspoon of the stuffing in each prawn and steam the balls in the steamer for 5 minutes until cooked for serving.

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