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Steel Venom will be Valleyfair!'s seventh roller coaster - preceded by High Roller, Mild Thing (the kiddy coaster), Corkscrew, Excalibur, Wild Thing, and Mad Mouse. It's colors will be yellow track and periwinkle columns and will stand 185 ft. tall. Impulse roller coasters (like Steel Venom) are a new breed of coaster which is quickly becoming one of the 'token' roller coasters in amusement parks today. Impulse coasters are built by Intamin A.G. a Swiss coaster building company well known for creating Millenium Force and Wicked Twister in Cedar Point. Steel Venom however, will not follow the unique style of Wicked Twister's Double Impulse roller coaster, but rather will follow Six Flags' V2: Vertical Velocity style, which features a holding brake on the rear end and a 360 degree twist on the front end.

Steel Venom will be the first ride installed in three years when Power Tower (2000) was built. This will also be the first ride in the park since original park builder Walt Wittmer left as General Manager of Valleyfair and Larry McKenzie left Michigan Adventure to take this spot.

  • Top speed: 68 mph
  • Track length: 2600 ft
  • Train capacity: 28
  • Approx. capacity/hr: 950 riders/hr

facts and figures taken from: http://valleyfair.com/public/inside_park/rides/thrill/steelvenom/index.cfm

Steel Venom is also the name of the former Superman: Ultimate Escape coaster at the former Six Flags Worlds of Adventure. In early 2004, Cedar Fair had accomplished the amazing feat of picking up one of the Six Flags so-called flagship parks through a $145 million dollar deal. By purchasing Geauga Lake, Cedar Fair now has stolen the title of most impulse roller coasters from Six Flags.

Built in 2000, the second Steel Venom was actually the first impulse roller coaster with a twisting spike built. It is widly hypothesized that due to the rushed transition of Geauga Lake from Six Flags to Cedar Fair park, that the name was given to the former Superman coaster because of its strong similarity to its sister in Valleyfair! and to save marketing costs for brandishing a new logo.

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