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Tired of throwing away old fashion magazines and the countless Victoria's Secret catalogs that arrive seemingly daily at your residence? Do you think of all those poor trees that are being cut down to bring you the latest styles from Milan and overpriced lingerie? Well, worry no more, friend, because I have the solution.

Instead of turning such periodicals into landfill fodder, why not create a self-destructive yet artful shrine to thinness in your own kitchen? Simply find pictures of the thinnest models that you see, cut them out, and tape them to your refridgerator and cabinet doors so that you're reminded of how thin you might be if you could just put your mind to it.

Is this not inspiring enough for you? Well then, just make little (degrading) sayings and put them into conversation blurbs for the models to say. Thus the title for this node. Classics include:

Don't be afraid to create your own custom made insults! Pretty soon, you will be avoiding the kitchen like the plague and all the unwanted calories that come with it!** So do something for the environment and your waistline today!

**This node cannot be held responsible for any eating disorders or health problems that may result from the use of its ideas. We would like to remind the reader that malnutrition can lead to health problems such as, but not limited to, amenhorrea infertility, osteoporosis, digestive problems, hair loss, and in extreme cases, death. But you still want to be thin, right? :)

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