The Stereophonics are Kelly Jones (vocals, guitar), Richard Jones (bass, no relation) and Stuart Cable (drums), a relatively young rock band from Wales. They gained fame after switching their name from Tragic Love Company in 1996 and releasing their first single (Looks Like Chaplin), and were signed by the V2 label.

Subsequent singles were Local Boy in the Photograph and More Life in a Tramps Vest, both of which were well received. They play at various festivals around Europe, and in August 1997 release their first album, Word Gets Around. It enters the UK charts at number 6.

They then go on tour for about a year, gathering various awards along the way. After the singles The Bartender and the Thief and Just Looking get to #3 and #4 respectively in late '98, their second album, Performance and Cocktails goes straight in at #1. Within six months it has gone multi-platinum, selling more than 1,000,000 copies in the UK alone.

As for their style of know that Frank Zappa quote, but anyway..sort of rock/pop/punk (well not really punk, but Kelly isn't afraid to sing loudly in his gravelly voice and thrash his Gibson). They are definitely post-Britpop though. And very good.


The band were supposedly named after the wording affixed to one of the band-memebers' grandmother's record player...


Hence, the Stereophonics.

Mark and Lard (British Radio DJs) frequently mis-pronounce the band's name, putting stress on the third syllable rather than the fourth.


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