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Born 9 October 1973, Boyertown, Pennsylvania, Steven Burns is the host of Blue's Clues. He has two sisters, named Karen and Jennifer. He has no children. He's been hosting Blue's Clues since its somewhat modest beginning on Nickelodeon (more specifically Nick Jr.) in 1996. He also serves as a producer for the show and its full-length films.

His filmography mostly consists of the Blue's Clues features, however he's also appeared in such television shows as Law & Order, and Homicide: Life On The Streets. On Blue's Clues, he is supposed to portray Steve, the sixteen year old - and he does look almost young enough to play the part - owner of a female dog named Blue, whose clues he has to find, for whatever reason the dog tells him to. For instance, if Blue wants to read a book, Steve has to find three clues to figure out what book Blue wants to read. He also has to help out the residents of his house, by talking to them, characters like Mr. Salt, a salt shaker, and Mrs. Pepper, a pepper shaker, and Side Table Drawer. In truth, it's a testament to Steve's acting ability, in that the show, almost in its entirety, is filmed with Steve standing in front of a blue screen and talking to things that aren't there.

It seems that Steve will no longer be the host of Blue's Clues, as reported in Time Magazine. Time also mentioned that Steve "would have hated" the character he played, if he was a child watching the show. He's to be replaced by Donovan Patton, who will play his brother, "Joe." Steve quit Blue's Clues in 2001, and is anxiously pursuing a musical career. For more information, check out:


Best known simply as Steve, former host of Blue's Clues on Nickelodeon, Steve Burns has done little beyond his traditional good guy role on a popular toddler's show. Steve was rumored to have died of a cocaine overdose, but appeared on the Rosie O'Donnell show to quash the rumor.

Steve has also appeared as a guest star on Homicide: Life on the Street. However, he did not play a good guy. His role was as David Tarnofski, a villainous killer. Fortunately, the Blue's Clues crowd had all gone to bed before the show came on. Before that, he has also done voice-over work for McDonald's, 1-800-COLLECT, and Snapple.

Steve no longer hosts Blue's Clues; that honor now goes to Donovan Patton, who plays "Joe." Steve hopes to take on more dramatic roles in the future, although he's still a nice guy.

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