Steve Dallas was an important character in the Bloom County comic strip, from its very early days until the completion of the strip. As a character, Steve was not very multifaceted, often being little more than a walking stereotype of an egotistical, greedy man.

Steve Dallas made his living as a lawyer, although how he made this living is unknown, since by all accounts he was a pretty inadequate lawyer, and according to one strip, had never won a case. Steve's relationship with women parallels his career: although lust is next to greed as his driving ambition, women don't seem to have much regard for the shallow and not terribly handsome Steve.

Steve's personality seems to be somewhat defective since he was a child. He was a stereotypical frat boy in college, for instance. The reason for Steve's selfishness isn't known: it could be traced back to the fact that he had a pushy mother who thought she had to raise her son alone, unaware that her husband was not dead, but had been in the basement reading the sports section for the past twenty or so years.

The only positive human relationship that Steve seems to have is with Opus the Penguin, his closest friend. The gentle, sensitive Opus seems to overlook Steve's flaws, and Steve's slapstick physical abuse.

Later on in the run of Bloom County, (when the plotlines had become more convoluted and fantastical) aliens kidnapped Steve Dallas and reversed his personality, leaving Steve a feminist vegan handing out Jesse Jackson pamphlets. This personality change actually lasted over about a year of the strip's run, and was only undone (through Steve being betrayed romantically) a few weeks before Bloom County finished.

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