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Steve Ditko is a living legend in the comic book world, Steve along with Jack Kirby, and Stan Lee, were/are responsible for my comic book addiction.

Ditko was born on November 2, 1927, in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.

Fantastic Fears #5 (1954) was his first published work. In 1954 Ditko worked for both Charlton and Atlas (Marvel), producing a sheer volume of comics for both companies that is almost unbelievable. Ditko preferred working at Charlton mostly because he had near complete control over what he published.

Strangely in 1955 he produced a total of three pages, he has never explained what happened.

But by 1956 he is back working again at Atlas (Marvel). Stan Lee is the new editor at Marvel, and Stan offered Ditko the same type of editorial freedom he had enjoyed at Charlton. Ditko’s first comic for Stan is Journey Into Mystery #33.

In 1957 at the still pre-superhero Atlas, Ditko produces his largest volume ever, this while Martin Goodman had ordered Stan Lee to stop buying new stories.

In 1958 Jack Kirby joins Atlas with his first comic there being Strange Worlds #1 and the team that would see Marvel though the next decade is born.

Steve was still dividing his time between Atlas and Charlton, (so was Kirby for that matter), and it was at Charlton that Steve Ditko creates the first super hero of the Silver Age, Captain Atom in Space Adventures #33.

In 1962 Ditko (along with Stan Lee) introduces Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15, and in the pages of Strange Tales #110 (1963) he creates Doctor Strange.

Other works by Ditko include, The Question, The Creeper, The Hawk and the Dove, and Mr. A.



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