b. 1947 d.1984
Influential folk and country singer/songwriter whose best known songs were covered and became hits for other artists. Goodman penned You Never Even Called Me By My Name, which was a country hit for David Allan Coe. He also wrote City of New Orleans, later turned into a hit by Arlo Guthrie.

Goodman was born and raised in the Chicago area. His early influences were Pete Seeger, Bob Dylan, and The Kingston Trio. Early in his career Goodman supported himself by writing commercial jingles.

Goodman was almost as famous for the friends he made in the music industry as for his writing. He got his break that led to his first recording contract through Kris Kristofferson and Paul Anka. Though his debut album was critically acclaimed it was not a commercial success. Among the musicians playing with him on his second album were John Prine, Jimmy Buffett, and Bob Dylan. Prine actually co-wrote You Never Even Called Me By My Name, but didn't want his name associated with it.

He was diagnosed with leukemia in 1969. After a 15-year battle with the disease he died in 1984.


Gathering at the Earl of Old Town (1970)
Steve Goodman (1972)
Somebody Else's Troubles (1973)
Jessie's Jig and Other Favorites (1975)
The Essential Steve Goodman (1976)
Words We Can Dance To (1976)
Say It In Private (1977)
City of New Orleans (1978)
High and Outside (1979)
Hot Spot (1980)
Artistic Hair (1983)
Affordable Art (1984)
Unfinished Business (1987)
Santa Ana Winds (1988)
The Best of the Asylum Years: Volume One (1988)
The Original Steve Goodman (1989)
The Best of the Asylum Years: Volume Two (1989)
No Big Surprise (1994))
The Easter Tapes (1996)
Live Wire (2000)

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