Physicist, Nobel Prize winner, and all around smart guy. Well known for his work in cosmology and unification. Won the Nobel Prize for Physics in 1979, along with many other awards, including, but not limited to, the National Medal of Science, the Heinemann Prize in Mathematical Physics, the Cresson Medal of the Franklin Institute, the Madison Medal of Princeton University, and the Oppenheimer Prize. Also holds honorary doctoral degrees from 12 universities. Has taught at Harvard, Columbia, Berkeley, and MIT. Currently head of the Theory Group at the University of Texas at Austin. Wrote a great book entilited The First Three Minutes. He is rumored to be an excellent graduate level professor, but very tough on undergraduates. I'll let you know after the fall 2000 semester.

His text on gravity "Gravitation and Cosmology, applications of the general theory of relativity" is a classic, written in 1974 it develops general relativity from a lagrangian viewpoint rather than a geometry viewpoint.

He has also written a cononical set of books on quantum field theory.

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