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A major East/West thoroughfare in Cupertino, California. Its western terminus is Foothill Expressway, at the western edge of Cupertino near the Stevens Creek Reservoir. Its eastern terminus is the boundary between Cupertino and San Jose at Interstate 880. Once in San Jose, the street is called West San Carlos and runs through San Jose until meeting Highway 87, also known as the Guadalupe Freeway. The street then changes to East San Carlos, runs northeast into San Jose State University, and continues on the other side of the campus. The street turns into San Antonio Street at 17th Street, and east of Interstate 680 joins with Capitol Expressway.

Stevens Creek Blvd. runs past many important places in downtown Cupertino. Along the way are such sights as Valley Fair, one of the largest and most commercially viable shopping malls in the area; De Anza College; the Stevens Creek Auto Row, a line of car dealerships of all types; and one of the largest Barnes and Noble bookstores in the area. There are many places to eat along Stevens Creek Blvd, including Vivi's at the western end and the food court at Valley Fair at its eastern end.

Stevens Creek is one of the straightest and flattest strips of roadway in the area, making it a pleasant path for bicycle riding to or from San Jose. However, for general travel to or from San Jose, most people in the area choose to travel by car using one of the freeways instead.

Though not many people use the public transportation in Cupertino, several buses travel down Stevens Creek. Stops for Valley Transportation Authority buses 23, 24, 36, 51, 53, 55, and 81 can all be found at various places on the boulevard, though 23 and 24 are the only routes with multiple stops along Stevens Creek, and are the only routes meant to be used to travel along the street.

Stevens Creek Boulevard has a very mild grade downward from west to east. Near its western end, it crosses the physical creek that gives it its name, and has a very steep drop followed by an equally steep climb right before it terminates at Foothill Boulevard.

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