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1. The Warehouse, Merchandising, and Each store is supplied the Stock Position Report (SPR) every two weeks which is the 10th and 25th of the current month. The MIS(Management Information System) Department will supply the SPR and is responsible for keeping it updated. The SPR breaks down the stock available by location and SKU (Stock Keeping Unit).

2. For Warehouse initiated transfers: Based on the SPR, the Warehouse will prepare the Stock Transfer Form (STF) of merchandise needed for each store based on their inventory level. Warehouse need not wait for a request from the store to initiate transfers based on the SPR. Quantity of stock transferred will be ideally based on the previous two weeks sales.

If the stock available is low, Merchandising will decide the distribution and allocation of the stock.

In the event that a particular store does not need, request, nor will carry a particular SKU, Operations must inform Warehouse of the circumstances before the 10th or 20th of the current month to avoid unnecessary deliveries of stock.

For regular requests from store: Store outlet will check current SPR for available stock. Based on SPR, store will prepare a Stock Request Form (SRF). Ideal qty requested would be two weeks worth of sales.

Store will prepare a Stock Request Form. This would be sent to the Warehouse.

The SRF is prepared by the Store Staff or Store Supervisor and noted by the Store Manager.

For Inter-outlet requests: Based on the SPR, if the stock requested is only available at other store outlets, store will prepare a SRF addressed to the other store but sent to Warehouse. Upon receipt, Warehouse will verify available quantities and prepare a Merchandise Transfer Order to the transferring outlet (outlet with the available stock). The Transferring outlet will prepare a Stock Transfer form addressed to the receiving outlet.

The MTO is Prepared by Merchandising and Verified by Warehouse and Noted by the Department Head or of Operations.

In the event of an emergency replenishment, Store can telephone Warehouse and initially give the SRF’s control number as well as the stock request to expedite transfer quickly provided that the documents are filed BEFORE the stocks are delivered to the store.

All forms must be noted and verified. Misplaced, lost or erroneous documents are considered an offense with a corresponding penalty.

All transfer documents (STF, SRF, MTO, Discrepancy Reports) are copied to Warehouse, Store outlet involved, Accounting, and MIS (for encoding purposes).

3. Based on the SRF or MTO, the Warehouse will prepare the merchandise to be transferred. In case of discrepancies, warehouse will note on the SRF or MTO of the discrepancy and advises the other departments of the it.

Warehouse will prepare a Stock Transfer Form (STF) based on the actual qty available for delivery. The STF will be Prepared by the stockman, Noted by the Department Manager and Verified by the Warehouse Supervisor. Without the three signatures, the STF is invalid.

4. Based on the delivery schedule, Warehouse will monitor the delivery and advises the store when to expect the stocks. Warehouse is not allowed to release stocks without a STF.

5. Once the goods are in the store, the sales staff, store supervisor, and delivery person conduct receiving procedures. A Receiving Report (RR) is prepared based on ACTUAL COUNT of the stock. Delivery personnel are not allowed to turn over the stock to the store without a RR nor are they allowed to prepare one.

Any discrepancy from the STF is immediately reported to Warehouse, Accounting, Store Manager, and Merchandising.

6. In the event there is a discrepancy, the receiving store shall immediately inform the Warehouse, Accounting, Store Manager and Merchandising immediately of the discrepancy. A discrepancy report will be prepared and Internal Audit will be advised for an investigation on the matter to establish the nature of the discrepancy and who is liable.

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