The correct name for this move, performed by Stone Cold Steve Austin, would be a three-quarters reverse jawbreaker. The kick to the stomach that now invariably precedes it is not part of the move, but it might as well be. Because of the absurdity this creates, the finishing sequence is often humorously written by wrestling smarts (insiders) as KICK WHAM STUNNER!

When Austin first started performing this move (just prior to King of the Ring 1996), opponents would clutch at their throats and roll around gasping for air after having the move done on them--ostensibly because the Stunner temporarily crushed the windpipe and thus made breathing difficult. After a few months, however, opponents got lazy and just started acting dead.

The Rock gets the award by far for overselling the Stunner, as he is prone to bounce wildly around the ring for several moments, often flopping off the ring ropes themselves, before finally coming to a stop.

It should be noted that Disco Inferno of World Championship Wrestling also uses the Stunner as his finishing move, though he calls it the Last Dance.

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