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Stop using sexual activities as swear words! And I'm not talking about implying a "wrong" sexual orientation here. I can understand that calling a man a cocksucker really works for a homophobic society. No, I think you should stop cursing with words that describe pleasant sexual activities.

Why would anyone call a man a wanker? Virtually all men masturbate, so it's about as offensive as calling him a breather. Would you feel offended when someone accused you of being sexually active? I got the idea for this node browsing Cussing in German. About the worst way to address a man in German is Fotzenlecker, ie. cunteater. Cunnilingus is one of the few non-egoistic techniques that a man can use to give pleasure to a woman, and the one that a lot of women enjoy most. So you're actually addressing someone as potentially sensitive lover and he's supposed to feel attacked?

What about buttfucker? Actually, most men that try it, enjoy it, while certainly not all women do. Addressing a woman as buttfucked means accusing her of passivity - another weak try on behalf of the offender.

The bad thing about this kind of cussing is that it works. Words program minds. If your brain learns that sucking pussy is something that everybody despises, you will always have problems to go down on your lady. And that would be a shame, right?

My knowledge of English and American swear words isn't good enough to find more examples in E2's default language, please feel free to add them yourself or /msg me.

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