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(From the BattleTech universe, created by FASA/Whizkids/Fantasy Productions The text is my own, the concepts are theirs.)

The Stormcrow is a 55-ton Clan BattleMech. It is referred to in the Inner Sphere as the Ryoken, a name given to it by the Draconis Combine. It first was seen in the Inner Sphere during the Clan invasion in 3049/3050. It also made an appearance in the MechWarrior 2 computer game, both as a playable 'Mech and as a member of the computer-controlled opposing force. The specifications and information here are based on Technical Readout:3050, the first TRO to contain the 'Mech.

The Stormcrow is an OmniMech, and as such it has multiple weapons configurations. Standard to all configurations is an endo-steel internal structure protected by a good-sized amount of ferro-fibrous armor. The primary weapons configuration includes a pair of ER Large lasers and a trio of ER Medium lasers as well as the heat sinks to make full use of this awesome firepower. Other Configurations include a variety of weapons, including a missile-boat configuration equipped with multiple LRM launchers, each with 15-20 missile tubes, so as to allow this 'Mech to be used in a variety of combat situations as a heavy-hitter that can get in and get out fast.

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