A high school student in Minnesota wore a shirt featuring this slogan to school, and was promptly informed that some of the gay and lesbian students had their panties in a wad about it, so he was ordered to stop.

His response was twofold, one part reflecting the geek tradition and the the other reflecting the american way: first, he had a new shirt made up saying Help! Help! I'm being repressed!, and second, he filed suit, claiming his civil rights were being violated.

Is this free speech or hate speech? Is it defamation of one group, or is that an unreasonable inference from this affirmation of another group? Would the ACLU touch this case with a ten foot pole?

Straight Pride Wear is now a company (or something, whatever you call a group of people who buy a domain name and sell stuff) which sells shirts featuring their straight pride slogans and logos including: One Way (including man and woman symbols), the straight pride flag (again, the man and woman symbols in the place of the stars on the American Flag) and simply the man and woman symbols again, with Straight Pride printed along the bottom. One can also purchase these things on hats, hooded sweatshirts, bumper stickers, baby tees and cut-off tees. It's a bit unnerving how accessable the company is making this stuff. There is a story featured on the website written by a kid named Elliot who's story is very similar to the one posted above by zbuffer, although told from the point of view of the tshirt wearer. One wonders how the public would react to this enterprise if the slogan was, instead, White Pride.

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