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Stream is a place with many offices that provided outsourced tech support for many clients like MS. (MS announced that they used stream thus I am not breaking an NDAs) Many people hate their job here and are really unhappy and bitter. I read an article in slashdot about tech support and on post had this line "Learn out or Burn out" that could not be said any better. If you like people dont work here you will hate them. 99% of your co-workers are stupid and the avg. customer is even more stupid - God love them. Not a bad place to work if you know what you want to do and you use it for more then just a jab (like a stepping stone to something better)

It is an interesting place, that is for sure. They are still a privately held company, although they have been planning to go public for the last three years or so. However, none of that will ever pan out because if they did, it wouldn't really be a technology company that makes tons and tons of money - in reality, it is simply a chain of call centers around the world. Even if they did go public, the low men on the totem pole - the agents that do all the work anyway and the lower-level managers - would not get any benefit from it.

It's true that a lot of people are bitter about the low pay and the bad schedules and the impersonal atmosphere. The attrition rate is, and always has been, sky-high. But the thing about Stream is that it really is a good place to get some experience and then go somewhere else for higher pay. And in spite of their inflexible exterior, they will work with you if you are a student - for business and technology degrees they also have a tuition reimbursement program (too bad I'm a B.A.)

The best way to avoid getting trampled by the system is to make it work for you. I learned that from day one. If you walk around like you own the place then people will treat you like you do. The job is insanely easy and if you know the secrets you can get away with just about anything.

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