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A variant of Three Man which is most interesting when played co-ed and usually only happens after a normal Three Man game degenerates due to everyone being smashed.

The additional rule is simple - any time you roll a certain value (I believe when I last played, it was anytime either dice shows a six) you loose an article of clothing.

Subsequent rules were added to this, during the course of the game, including:

In order to get all the clothes you lost back you had to dance around naked on top of the center table and then kiss a member of the opposite sex.

Since most people were cheating by covering themsleves with blankets, Roger Cooley had to institute the set-no-blankies rule.

The girls we were playing with cleverly instituted the, everytime a girl has to remove an article of clothing, all the men in the room also have to loose an article of clothing. After this rule, we were all pretty much naked within minutes.

One final word of advice is don't play this when other friends of yours are likely to come looking for beer. We had an angry mob banging down our door because they were convinced we were hiding beer from them, and we were forced to run scrambling for clothes before they got the door open.

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