Come to the place where the tropical breezes blow,
Come to the coolest place I know...

Strongbadia (also Strong Badia) is the domain of Strong Bad, his very own country in his hometown of Free Country, USA. In reality, it's just a vacant lot behind the dumpsters. But it does have its own national anthem.

Major Landmarks

  • The Sign: Crafted from an old cinder block and a stop sign, it simply reads "Population: Tire" (or more accurately, "Pop: Tire"). Sure enough, the only permanent resident of Strongbadia is an old tire. Supposedly, the sign was to be part of a monument to Strong Bad, designed to rival the Aztec ruins of Techno-Chocolate Land, but Strong Bad and the Cheat were only able to finish Strong Bad's right foot (the sign) before they were distracted by Bubs' alter ego, the Thnikkaman. In the e-mail "2 years", Strong Bad predicted (among other things, back in September of 2003) that within two years, Strong Badia's population would triple to "Population: Tire, Bundt Cake Pan, and Coach Z", and the sign would break up with the cinder block.
  • The Fence: A simple white picket fence, Strong Bad and the Cheat used it as a hideout in the aptly-titled "Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon". It also served as part of Strong Bad's "Buffalo-style ranch" when he interviewed himself in order to learn the secret of his pizazz. The fence is also the lair of one of Strongbadia's most enduring mysterious myths and legendary legends, that fearsome guardian of the Tire known as The Bear Holding A Shark.
  • The Flag: As revealed in the Strong Bad E-Mail "flag day", Strongbadia has its own flag, consisting of three stripes in red, white, and brown, decorated with the image of a snake (with "Snake" helpfully written on it) going through a tire, clutching a knife in its tail.

Considering the competition, Strong Badia neither has nor needs a standing army. Strong Bad instead employs the services of the On Point Kings, a band of shady mercenaries (or possibly missionaries) consisting of himself, Strong Mad, and The Cheat. They have sold their services to such high-profile customers as The Cheat's Sister and Joe Piscopo, and specialize in black ops, brown ops, and the occasional beige op.

Strongbadia was founded some indiscriminate time ago, when Strong Bad left to find a place where he wouldn't be "persecuted" by Strong Sad for putting ketchup on eggs. Travelling with three stout sub sandwiches and his best The Cheat, he eventually came to Strongbadia, where he rented the place from Bubs. He's used the place as a hangout ever since.

Strongbadia has been the host of several special events, such as the monster truck show Awexomecross '98 (SB Email "monster truck"), and the first (and last) broadcast of Strongbadia Action Cool News 5 (SB Email "local news"). In the e-mail "army", Homestar Runner and his "Homestarmy" (consisting of Strong Sad, Homsar, a popcorn popper, and a painting of a guy with a big knife) tried to invade Strongbadia, with no success.

Source: Homestar Runner (

What are you talking about, Mike, UK? I mean I've totally ruled that field out behind the dumpsters, since like diaper school man.

-Strong Bad (email #11 "i rule")

In the Homestar Runner universe, Strong Badia is a kingdom ruled by Strong Bad. It consists of an empty dirt field behind a dumpster that contains a white fence, an old tire and a stop sign resting against a cinder block that reads "Pop: Tire", short for: Population: Tire. It's official colors are brown, white and red and its flag has a green snake holding a knife while coiling through a tire.

(Lyrics by Strong Bad, music by The Cheat)

Come to.... the place where the tropical breezes blow

Come to.... the coolest place I know

Where the people are so great

But really there's only me

So that means I'm so great

And also there's The Cheat

Oh, there's The Cheat.... in the place where the tropical breezes blow

The Cheat.... in the coolest place I know

Where the Ones are always cold

And the parties last all night

And there's probably lots of chocolate

And Population: Tire

Population.... tiiiiirre.

The history of Strong Badia is "a tale as old as, say, the wireless web... or energy drinks, maybe." Strong Bad, after being persecuted for his beliefs of putting ketchup on eggs. Him and The Cheat set off with three stout sub sandwiches in search of a better place. They ran into a man of "strange ways and strange odors" (Bubs) who sold the empty field to Strong Bad. The colonization was celebrated with a feast of cold Hardees. (email #90, "colonization.")

Since its colonization, Strong Badia has had a rich history:

* Strong Badia has been nearly invaded by the Homestarmy, which consists of Homestar Runner, Strong Sad, Homsar, Frank Bennedetto the hot air popcorn maker and a Painting of a Guy with a Big Knife (made by Strong Bad in email #9 "i love you"). Strong Badia, which contains no army, defeated the Homestarmy prior to a game of badminton when Strong Bad booted Bennedetto to his death. (email #90, "army")

* Strong Badia's local news channel, Strong Badia Action Cool News 5 aired its first and final show one day when Bubs, Strong Mad, The Poopsmith The Cheat and Strong Bad has nothing better to do. (email #89, "local news")

* Strong Bad and The Cheat once sighted the ghost of Strong Bad's old computer, Tandy 400, while ghost hunting in Ghostbusters 2 tee-shirts in Strong Badia. The Cheat defeated him when he followed Strong Bad's command to throw a box of groaty chinese food at him. (email #48, "ghosts")

* Strong Badia was the host of AWEXOME CROSS '98. Which was a full day of entertainment including Homestar Runner getting hit on the head by Strong Mad with Marzipan's guitar, the Poopsmith lit some smoke bombs and the main event The Cheat jumping The Tire over the King Of Town while he ate a cardboard box covered in syrup. Limozeen played a free show after the event. (email #61, "monster truck")

* Plans were once made for a monument in honor of Strong Bad, the founding father of Strong Badia. Yet they were cancelled after the momentous coming of the Thnikkaman distracted Strong Bad so much that the monument was never completed. (email #97, "monument")

Founder Strong Bad has gone on record saying he'd like to build a theme park in Strong Badia. Its name would be Strong Bad's Mount RIDESPLACE! USA. His great plans included the monstrous roller coaster The Bowels of Trogdor, hourly performances of "The Strong Sad Gets Decked Repeatedly Stunt Spook-tacular" at the main stage, plenty of games to steal everybody’s money as well as dressed up mascots "Stoppy the Stop Sign", "Poppy the Tire" and "General Tao's Chicken" would roam the park. While this hasn't become a reality, you can still ride the very popular Strong Badian Riverquest Safariventure. (email #104, "theme park")

Founder Strong Bad has also gone on record saying that he foresees Strong Badia's population tripling in two years, believing a bundt cake pan and a urinating Coach-Z will also call Strong Badia home as well. He also predicted that the cinder block will break up with the stop sign, The Cheat would finally finish their "Fireworks or Die" mural, the tire would win the trophy, and Strong Sad would become even whinier. (email #85, "two years")

Recently, The Cheat and Strong Bad have been spotted doing community service in Strongbadia due to a "prior arrest." Strong Bad was seen vacuuming dirt as The Cheat washed The Tire (email #111, "other days"). Strong Bad was seen interviewing HIMSELF on his "Buffalo-Style Ranch" in Strongbadia (email #113, "pizzaz"). Yes, Strong Badia truly is the coolest place I know. Also behind the fence of Strongbadia is where The Cheat & Strong Bad keep their stolen goods ("Strong Bad Is In Jail Cartoon") and is where Strong Bad keeps his Bear-Shark trap (email #81, "date").

Yes, Strong Badia truly is the coolest place I know.

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