-illled my father, prepare to di-*kscht*

-eculated that such rights only apply to adults, if at a-*kscht*

-ber, I am a free m-*kscht*

-you move again I'll beat the shit out of y-*kscht*

-defend to the death your right to say-*kscht*

-er news, police alledge that student #478993320 went on a shooting rampage today. The numbers of the injured students have not been released pending contact with the families, but only two students were seriously injured, and a teacher was slightly damaged, and was in full functioning order by the next class period. Student #478993320 was obviously deranged, according to friend, #131611794.

cut to exterior of school, next to a corner of the school, worn green-yellow paint over brick

"He always seemed kind of weird...he insisted that we called him "Devin", 'sides the fact that that's 'gainst the rules. Always getting in arguments with the teachers, when they'd do allchecks and stuff. Said stuff about dee-hyoo-man-iz-a-shun. Whatever that is. Guess he's not yelling at anyone any more... Hey, am I on TV?*click*


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