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The Students Finance Board, a program put forth by the Government of Alberta, is designed to provide financial aid to those wishing to upgrade or further their education. It is limited to pretech college courses and high school upgrading, essentially; it does not cover university education, or more extensive college training.

In particular, the programs that can be covered by the SFB are as follows:

Adult basic education (grades 7 - 9)
Academic Upgrading (grades 10 - 12)
ESL (English as a Second Language
Literacy and Numeracy for day-to-day living
Pre-Technology Training
University and College Entrance Preparation (UCEP)

Students Finance Board is able to grant a living allowance for those with families, and can work in cunjunction with Alberta Human Resources and Employment (the new, polite name for welfare in the province of Alberta, after its combining with Alberta Family and Social Services) to provide both financial and academic aid to those without much formal education.

There is a part-time funding allowance, which is usually reserved for disadvantaged (meaning borderline impoverished), single-parent families. The allowance is small, and is usually meant to be only a portion of the full income of the family; the grant is there to pay for day care, baby necessities and the like.

Information taken from a Students Finance Board pamphlet around my house.

Alberta residents can find out more by phoning 1-800-222-6485.

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