Studio 35 is a great little one-screen movie theater in Columbus, Ohio. It's old -- it was established in 1938, and my understanding is that the place was used as a porn theater for a while in the '70s before the current owner bought it and cleaned it up. Your feet won't stick to the floor, but it still has that dark dive feel to it. The screen is big and the visibility is good, even if you're sitting at a table in the back.

The theater shows a mix of first and second run films at a low, low price; I and a friend went to a triple-feature last night of Vanilla Sky, Ocean's 11, and The Man Who Wasn't There for a whopping $3.50; we'd have paid $7.50 to see just one of those at many of the big theaters in town. If we'd been feeling up to sitting longer, we could've stayed at no additional cost for their live-cast midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. I hit the ladies' room on the way out, and the room was full of fishnet-clad cast members putting on eyeliner and powdering down their makeup.

The real beauty of Studio 35, though -- particularly if you want to do the double or triple feature -- is that they serve food. In addition to the usual movie theater offerings of soda, popcorn, Raisinettes and such, you can order beer (good beer, mind you), wine coolers, hard cider, submarine sandwiches, salads, and a variety of pizzas at reasonable prices. A beer will set you back about $2, and we got a large thin-crust pizza with about four toppings for $12.

Their food offerings have improved drastically since they started getting their pizzas and subs from Minuteman Pizza. They used to get their pies from a neighboring joint called Papa Joes, but enough people complained about the food that they decided to switch. Papa Joe's pizzas were ... edible. Not great, but if you're hungry and engrossed in the film, you maybe didn't mind so much. The Minuteman pie we had was very tasty.

The only downside is that there aren't quite enough tables to accomodate all the people who might want to get food. So, if you think you might want to eat, I suggest you get there early and stake out a table, or else you'll end up sitting out in the theater seats, balancing a pizza box on your knees.

Studio 35 is at 3055 Indianola Avenue near the intersection with Weber. You can get precise driving directions and showtimes at their website at

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