Whenever my college buddies and I get together, we naturally enough talk about old times. Invariably, a couple of incidents come up:

I was a sophomore at Morehouse College and I was also a rapper. There was a showcase called Showtime at the House ala Showtime at the Apollo. We went on stage. Being a large man (read: fat), they thought it would be funny if I took a bite out of a McDonald's fish sandwich and launched it into the crowd. It must have been the Cisco doing the thinking which made this a good idea. Anyway, the show was in Martin Luther King, Jr. chapel, and I did it. The sandwich separated in mid-flight, and tartar sauce splattered all over the place, including a young lady's leather jacket. The scene was ugly, I got cursed multiple times, some people wanted me expelled. I had people coming up to me for years afterwards talking about "What you did man, that wasn't cool man." Well, I was a drunk and an a-hole when I was that age. I try not to be now. Can we please let it die?

I was a sophomore at Morehouse College. Now, Morehouse is an all male institution, and is located next to an all female school in Spelman College. Naturally, Spelman was a popular destination for 19 year old men. This time, no drink involved, just natural obnoxiousness. My boy and I were in the computer lab at Spelman because their facilities were better than ours. We had just finished up, and were talking about something or another which caused me to call someone a bitch. I said it softly. Spelman is violently feminist. My boy said "I bet you don't have the cajones to say that loud." Being young and stupid, I then shouted "What do you mean, BITCH?" It damn near caused a riot. We had to leave.

Now, of course, there are a number of women, especially, who regard me as a jerk, and I don't deny that I was during my time of jahilya. Things are hopefully different now, and I don't want to keep bringing up old stuff.

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