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Displacement: 365 to 393 tons
Length: 145'
Propulsion: Turbo-electric drive, two propellers, plus fore and aft maneuvering thrusters.
Reactor: Single pressurized-water reactor
Speed: 3.5 knots submerged
Maximum Operating Depth: 3,000'

Brief Description: in 1964 Admiral Rickover conceived the idea of a nuclear-powered research submersible. The United States Navy considered the idea worth pursuing, and in 1969 the NR-1 was launched into service. As far as is know, there has never been another NR-1 built.

The Navy kept her classified, and denied the existence of the NR-1, and when she was spotted, they reported erroneous information to the involved parties. This was done to hide some of the special features, the fixed mast with television camera (used as a periscope), and the forward and aft tires (used to traverse the ocean floor), and the specially designed moveable arms.

She is still in service, and is used by the Navy primarily for underwater exploration, and special operations missions. She is expected to be in service until approximately 2010 or later.

Resources: United States Navy Declassified Files/Naval Records.

A lot of information on this vessel is still classified.

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