This particular shen was perpetrated in a local grocery store by my friend Mike and myself. Armed with a bunch of stickers that displayed the sunny phrase "Sucks Less!" we picked out a product with a "new and improved!" label and pasted our "Sucks Less!" stickers over top. We made sure to get every box of the product on the shelf. Now Sun Bleach is no longer new and improved; it just sucks less.

We were thinking of phoning up the grocery store and asking if they had any of the Sun Bleach that sucks less, but we never got around to it. In any case I have to wonder what people thought when they noticed . . . being unable to reap the reward of knowing the public's reaction takes so much of the fun out of a shen . . .

The "sucks less" stickers were copied out of The Happy Mutant Handbook, from a page of many sticker designs with instructions to distribute.

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